Office Stuff

Miscellaneous, Origami


There are some extra shelves no one uses in our office, so I put some origami there.


I came up with a Feanor to fight Gothmog. The first axe I made Gothmog was too big, so I added a smaller one (after these pictures were taken).



This “Death” (designed by Miyamoto Chuya, kind of hard to see his full name in the picture) is out of pretty thick paper. Later, I replaced him with one out of thinner paper to get better face detail, but I got confused and used a much smaller square. Maybe I should do another one.



I have a lot of Satoshi Kamiya stuff.


The “Yatagarasu” is on a shelf by himself. I’m thinking of adding Horiguchi’s sheep and maybe something else by Hojyo Takashi. His “Raijin” is pretty neat, but I wonder if anyone around will get that one.

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