The Fox

Origami, Original Designs

There are instructions: The Fox
Hope they’re ok; let me know any questions.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (102)

I asked a friend what origami he might like, and he said “a fox”. For some reason, I decided a good origami fox should have good origami fox toes. Couldn’t find one. I wasn’t just going to add toes to someone else’s fox, so I came up with this one.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (103) WKO_053 - THE FOX (106)

He has a sort of odd design, so I was kind of unsure. People seem to like him tho, so that’s really nice.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (107)

Apparently, Red foxes only have dew claws on their front feet.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (104) WKO_053 - THE FOX (105)

WKO_053 - THE FOX (113)

I took the first one to an art trail before giving him to my buddy.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (114) WKO_053 - THE FOX (115)

While making instructions, I made quite a few foxes to make sure the diagrams and colours were right. Five were Red Foxes, with three of them normal coloured, one cross, and one silver (although the white got out of hand). The other I coloured like a Corsac Fox.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (101) WKO_053 - THE FOX (108)

WKO_053 - THE FOX (109)

Kill Wolfhead

Origami, Original Designs

Any fans of The Incal? It’s an amazing 1980’s comic series (with sequels into the 2010’s) by insane surrealist director Alejandro Jodorowsky. If I’ve got my stories straight, he had intended to adapt Frank Herbert’s Dune and had gotten quite a ways before losing financing. He wasn’t going to adapt it straight, and many of his new ideas he expanded and made into the Incal. The Incal somewhat inspired The Fifth Element, another insane and amazing project.

WKO_035 - KILL (106) WKO_035 - KILL (102)

WKO_035 - KILL (108) WKO_035 - KILL (107)

One of the seven most important characters in The Incal is Kill Wolfhead (my favourite character). He’s an animal person, with a wolf head (more dog really). He seems to be a character with a temper who holds a grudge, but this is subverted later. He’s actually one of the nicer characters and is a pretty good technician.

WKO_035 - KILL (104) WKO_035 - KILL (103)

WKO_035 - KILL (109)

My Kill Wolfhead is, well, a bit too nice looking. One of the reasons he seems mean is his sort of menacing look. Mine doesn’t look menacing. So, yeah.

WKO_035 - KILL (111) WKO_035 - KILL (112)