Chandelure / Haunted Chandelier

Origami, Original Designs

This is another one of my pokemon origami… sort of.

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (110)

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (107)

First off, Chandelure is a ghost fire pokemon that is a haunted chandelier (evolving from an initial haunted candle, which then becomes a haunted street lamp top, and finally the haunted chandelier). He’s from Pokemon Generation 5. I usually screw up the English names of these pokemon (I got the gen 5 games in Japanese, because they came out 6 months earlier than in English). This one has a similar name in Japanese (シャンデラ/Chandela), so I usually remember it alright.

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (104) WKO_040 - CHANDERA (101)

I said “sort of” because my Chandelure is more like an impressionistic version. The original pokemon has 2 arms that split into three bars each, two of which are lit, while mine simply has 4 lit arms. I’ve thought of ways to make it more like the pokemon but haven’t gotten around to it. This is partially because I kind of like mine the way it is. If that’s too annoying for you pokemon fans, just think of it as a generic haunted chandelier.

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (112) WKO_040 - CHANDERA (113)

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (114) WKO_040 - CHANDERA (115)

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (102)


Origami, Original Designs

I like pokemon, which should be clear from some of the designs I have. I like Pikachu, too (who doesn’t like Pikachu?), but there’s always been a problem for me with Pikachu. I like Raichu more, but, being the evolution following Pikachu, Raichu tends to be overshadowed. So here’s an origami Raichu.

WKO_046 - RAICHU (104) WKO_046 - RAICHU (105)

I have some zoom-ins of the feet, hands, and tail, but one picture shows the details pretty clearly. Luckily, I was playing around with my camera, so I have some different lighting options. I wonder which is better?

WKO_046 - RAICHU (107) WKO_046 - RAICHU (106)

WKO_046 - RAICHU (110) WKO_046 - RAICHU (109)

Also, fingers crossed for a Detective Pikachu sequel of Detective Raichu!

WKO_046 - RAICHU (102) WKO_046 - RAICHU (101)

WKO_046 - RAICHU (103)


Origami, Original Designs

This is my version of the pokemon Zapdos, or just a general thunderbird, if you’re not into pokemon.

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (101) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (102)

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (103) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (104)

I designed the head first then the wings. After these, the things that changed the most were the legs and tail. Only the width of the tail really changed, because I wanted it to be like the tail in Calico’s Zapdos, shown here (I wish there was a crease pattern or something for that).

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (105) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (107)

The yellow one has the earliest legs, where only the lower legs and front feet change colour. The shiny one has completely different coloured legs a slightly different tail. The matte one is the final version, with the legs sticking straight out from the main body.

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (106) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (109)

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (111)

I been trying to do fancy outdoor shots, but I wasn’t sure what to do here. So I made him in a fence thing.

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (124)