Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya 07-08

Origami, Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya

Moving on to the next couple of models from Satoshi Kamiya’s first book, a Kirin is a kind of unicorn-tiger that may have multiple horns and may be a giraffe in disguise, while a tyrannosaur is a member of a Cretaceous dinosaur species, many of whom lately seem predisposed to star in Hollywood movies. Most recently, a tyrannosaur stared in “RAPTOR Attack Team” with Star Lord and the title team.

WOSK_107 - KIRIN (1) WOSK_107 - KIRIN (5)

I think the Kirin is quite spectacular. He has this kind of bounding feel to him, so I thought I’d have him bounding around the chocobo.

WOSK_107 - KIRIN (2) WOSK_107 - KIRIN (3)

Hmn, that’s odd. Usually I have a summary, show pictures, then say stuff about the above pictures. But I already said stuff about the pictures above.


His Tyrannosaurus isn’t really the most complicated, but his less complex models tend to have something special. This Tyranno has a very endearing face to him. Ironically, while most people think of smaller dinosaurs as larger than they are, this one has been scaled down dramatically, unless the bird stands at a representative height of 4 meters.

Maybe I should post some more random models I like too. I had gotten Fumiaki’s Origami Fantasy before it went out of print, and it has some great dinosaurs.

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