Red Panda

Origami, Original Designs

I’m trying the mobile thing for this one, yay!

Anyway, if you’re doing “traditional” origami, you only have one square and thereby two possible colours (the front side’s and back side’s colours). I’m not exactly attached to traditional style though. For more colours, you can paint the model or use more sheets of paper.

I’ve seen lots of 2 (or more) square origami (like some of the models in “The Beauty of Origami“), but not many complex ones. So I decided to make a semi-complex, 2 square red panda. The white is on both squares, so it’s 3 colours. One square is 2/3rds the other. I think it’s the red one (but I don’t have my notes right now).

Archdemon Update

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve probably already said, but, whenever I make instructions for an origami model, the model is updated and changed. Here’s the more structurally uniform Archdemon!

This is one of the models that looks better with specific painting for the different aspects. Because painting after folding can be difficult and cause the model to stick to itself, I made an additional page of instructions for pre-painting this time.

I don’t actually know if anyone is interested in folding archdemons (or most of what I come up with, really), so the instructions aren’t here right now. I mostly make diagrams because I’m afraid I’ll forget how I did it. I can make lots of archdemons now!


Origami, Original Designs

Here’s a short one for Halloween. I tried to do a human figure, sort of like Takashi Hojyo’s ones off of a grid. I was going for Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”, but she’s proportioned kind of tall for a little girl (I think?). Anyway, I still kind of like how she came out.


Origami, Original Designs

The ‘i’iwi  is a Hawaiian bird that’s mainly red with black wings and tail. It’s a bit different than what I usually make.

There’s a strange story with this one. A couple of weeks ago, I was half listening to news in the background and heard about paperwork to a covid vaccine. I think? It sounded like they said you need a form or something called an “e-way”. A few minutes after that, I thought of the ‘i’iwi bird (it’s pronounced like “e-e-vay”, sorta similar).

So, I got this picture of the bird reading paperwork on a laptop.

I made another for diagram steps that’s yellow and black instead. There’s got to be another honeycreeper or other bird that looks like this. The eyes are different with a colour change, which is more like other honeycreepers I’ve seen.


Origami, Original Designs

I was making a cheetah; got the head but was having trouble with the body. After one of the bodies didn’t work too well, I thought, “I should make a lizard”. My first lizard head was too pointy (or maybe my second one was after my first one was too wide?). It looked more like an opossum head. There aren’t too many origami opossums, so here we are.

It came together pretty much with the first try. The only things that needed work were details and how to best fold it. In spite of it looking simple, there are a lot of sinks and unwraps, so it’s a bit complicated. Working out the best way/order for the tricky parts was interesting.

The first model only had 4 toes. After excessive googling showed all opossums have 5 toes, I decided to add one. While I thought this would be a pain, it was easy and gave the opossum a more sharp head-fur-thing.

So that was good, but he ended up kind of thin. I told myself that was fine for a bit, then remembered I had some excess paper tucked away. The first try had an odd horizontal division line, but that was easy to fix.

That was my opossum odyssey. I should go back to the cheetah sometime, but I thought of a few other things to go for first (maybe I should just settle for “nice cheetah head”).

The Fox

Origami, Original Designs

There are instructions: The Fox
Hope they’re ok; let me know any questions.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (102)

I asked a friend what origami he might like, and he said “a fox”. For some reason, I decided a good origami fox should have good origami fox toes. Couldn’t find one. I wasn’t just going to add toes to someone else’s fox, so I came up with this one.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (103) WKO_053 - THE FOX (106)

He has a sort of odd design, so I was kind of unsure. People seem to like him tho, so that’s really nice.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (107)

Apparently, Red foxes only have dew claws on their front feet.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (104) WKO_053 - THE FOX (105)

WKO_053 - THE FOX (113)

I took the first one to an art trail before giving him to my buddy.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (114) WKO_053 - THE FOX (115)

While making instructions, I made quite a few foxes to make sure the diagrams and colours were right. Five were Red Foxes, with three of them normal coloured, one cross, and one silver (although the white got out of hand). The other I coloured like a Corsac Fox.

WKO_053 - THE FOX (101) WKO_053 - THE FOX (108)

WKO_053 - THE FOX (109)

Kill Wolfhead

Origami, Original Designs

Any fans of The Incal? It’s an amazing 1980’s comic series (with sequels into the 2010’s) by insane surrealist director Alejandro Jodorowsky. If I’ve got my stories straight, he had intended to adapt Frank Herbert’s Dune and had gotten quite a ways before losing financing. He wasn’t going to adapt it straight, and many of his new ideas he expanded and made into the Incal. The Incal somewhat inspired The Fifth Element, another insane and amazing project.

WKO_035 - KILL (106) WKO_035 - KILL (102)

WKO_035 - KILL (108) WKO_035 - KILL (107)

One of the seven most important characters in The Incal is Kill Wolfhead (my favourite character). He’s an animal person, with a wolf head (more dog really). He seems to be a character with a temper who holds a grudge, but this is subverted later. He’s actually one of the nicer characters and is a pretty good technician.

WKO_035 - KILL (104) WKO_035 - KILL (103)

WKO_035 - KILL (109)

My Kill Wolfhead is, well, a bit too nice looking. One of the reasons he seems mean is his sort of menacing look. Mine doesn’t look menacing. So, yeah.

WKO_035 - KILL (111) WKO_035 - KILL (112)

Chandelure / Haunted Chandelier

Origami, Original Designs

This is another one of my pokemon origami… sort of.

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (110)

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (107)

First off, Chandelure is a ghost fire pokemon that is a haunted chandelier (evolving from an initial haunted candle, which then becomes a haunted street lamp top, and finally the haunted chandelier). He’s from Pokemon Generation 5. I usually screw up the English names of these pokemon (I got the gen 5 games in Japanese, because they came out 6 months earlier than in English). This one has a similar name in Japanese (シャンデラ/Chandela), so I usually remember it alright.

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (104) WKO_040 - CHANDERA (101)

I said “sort of” because my Chandelure is more like an impressionistic version. The original pokemon has 2 arms that split into three bars each, two of which are lit, while mine simply has 4 lit arms. I’ve thought of ways to make it more like the pokemon but haven’t gotten around to it. This is partially because I kind of like mine the way it is. If that’s too annoying for you pokemon fans, just think of it as a generic haunted chandelier.

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (112) WKO_040 - CHANDERA (113)

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (114) WKO_040 - CHANDERA (115)

WKO_040 - CHANDERA (102)


Origami, Original Designs

WKO_042 - KRYPTO (102)

How can you not like Krypto, the Superdog? The whole idea really stretches the internal story logic of the Superman story, but it just works. Superman might doubt his purpose, fight himself for some reason, or be basically a different, super dark character, but a super dog is such a loyal and heroic symbol, Krypto feels more Superman than Superman.

WKO_042 - KRYPTO (107)

WKO_042 - KRYPTO (108)

This model was a bit difficult to get the dog and cape/crest with a colour change. He has a little tail too, but that’s a bit hard to see in these pictures. I think he came out ok, and I developed a pretty good nine tailed fox as an offshoot of him.

WKO_042 - KRYPTO (103)

WKO_042 - KRYPTO (110)

American Bison / Buffalo

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve been doing diagrams for some of my models recently, but I still have come up with a couple of new models. The most recent is and American Bison. In the United States, it’s usually called a buffalo, even though it’s not a buffalo buffalo. I usually call it a “buffalax” for unknown reasons.

WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (108)

WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (101)

I came up with the head first, then the body, then completely changed the head. A bison is fuzzier towards the head, which is shown by a colour flip. The model has ears, horns, and a fuzzy neck thing.

WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (103) WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (104)

WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (105) WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (106)

WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (107) WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (110)

It turned out better than I thought it would. It’s extremely front heavy though, so it needs some help standing.

WKO_053 - BUFFALAX (109)