Origami, Original Designs

I like pokemon, which should be clear from some of the designs I have. I like Pikachu, too (who doesn’t like Pikachu?), but there’s always been a problem for me with Pikachu. I like Raichu more, but, being the evolution following Pikachu, Raichu tends to be overshadowed. So here’s an origami Raichu.

WKO_046 - RAICHU (104) WKO_046 - RAICHU (105)

I have some zoom-ins of the feet, hands, and tail, but one picture shows the details pretty clearly. Luckily, I was playing around with my camera, so I have some different lighting options. I wonder which is better?

WKO_046 - RAICHU (107) WKO_046 - RAICHU (106)

WKO_046 - RAICHU (110) WKO_046 - RAICHU (109)

Also, fingers crossed for a Detective Pikachu sequel of Detective Raichu!

WKO_046 - RAICHU (102) WKO_046 - RAICHU (101)

WKO_046 - RAICHU (103)

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Origami, Original Designs

Since the new Avengers movie is coming out soon, I thought I’d post these ones. It’s Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy (and a number of other things)!

WKO_045 - GROOT (108)

Both are dual colour models, where the square is one colour on one side and a different one on the other. I think Rocket’s ok, with a raccoon face and tail. He also has bandoliers, which I’ve never seen Rocket wear. But I wanted something distinctive to go with the gun-wielding raccoon. Also, making a square into a raccoon is tricky. I also made him a gun with four barrels (out of a separate square) to make him more recognizable.

WKO_033 - ROCKET (101) WKO_033 - ROCKET (109) WKO_033 - ROCKET (103)

WKO_033 - ROCKET (107) WKO_033 - ROCKET (106)

WKO_033 - ROCKET (102) WKO_033 - ROCKET (113)

WKO_033 - ROCKET (117) WKO_033 - ROCKET (111)

A friend said he didn’t know it was Rocket because there was no Groot. At first, I was going to make a big Groot, but I couldn’t think of one. Eventually, I realized baby Groot would be easier to see in origami, and came up with this one.

WKO_045 - GROOT (104) WKO_045 - GROOT (107)

This is my best version, but it’s too big for the Rocket I have. So, I scaled it down and simplified it.

WKO_045 - GROOT (102)

But it was still a bit too big. I made the simplest version I could think of. I think it works pretty well.

WKO_045 - GROOT (101)WKO_045 - GROOT (106)

Green Dragon

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve done a few Dragon Quest monsters in origami and always wanted to make the Green Dragon. It was tricky, but I came up with one I like. Apparently, the hero of Dragon Quest 3 might be added to Smash Brothers Ultimate, so I was initially intending to wait for that to post this. However, besides that that might not happen, my Green Dragon came out quite a bit different than the Dragon Quest one.

To explain, here is the Dragon Quest Green Dragon:


Unless you paint it after, you only get two colours in origami. I could have done the upper and lower half body difference, but the spine being a different colour seemed more striking to me. My dragon has shorter horns, no side fins, and bigger feet. Also, I used the spine spikes to add scale texture to the body.

I have a couple of late-stage development shots:

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (109) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (108)

Here’s the first version of my impressionistic Green Dragon:

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (101) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (102)

That’s the “first version” because I decided it should be longer for some reason. The second version is bigger, longer, and has finer scales and more spines.

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (103) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (104)

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (105) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (106)

I don’t know which version I like better. The original is a bit more cartoonish and a better fit for Dragon Quest. But the other one is large.

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (107)


Origami, Original Designs

Recently, I heard somewhere Satoshi Kamiya came out with a tiger in the last couple of years. It looks like he has, but it’s not on his website. I couldn’t find where to get a crease pattern or diagrams for it. Maybe he’ll do a Works of Satoshi Kamiya 3, and it’ll be there.

It got me thinking of stripes and tiger faces, and I made a tiger. I came up with the top of the face first. From where it was in the paper, I could include teeth (like the Balrog for example) and did some mock ups, but he seemed too angry.

wko_039 - tiger (116) wko_039 - tiger (117)

I decided to could use a similar pattern to Satoshi Kamiya’s dragon legs (the method he uses for the Ancient Dragon and Bahamut’s legs/hands) because it would set up a striped tail and extra paper for stripes.

wko_039 - tiger (101) wko_039 - tiger (102)

wko_039 - tiger (103)

The first major try was a good start, but I wanted the stripes longer and more of a neck. Also, the head details (particularly the ears) could be better.

wko_039 - tiger (104) wko_039 - tiger (107)

wko_039 - tiger (108) wko_039 - tiger (109)

I shifted things around and got… well, I got longer stripes at least. His body’s too short, except his tail, which is ridiculously long. And the head’s way too big. He looks kind of like a fu-tiger maybe. I actually think he’s endearing, but he’s not what I was aiming for.

wko_039 - tiger (110)

wko_039 - tiger (114) wko_039 - tiger (115)

I’m pretty happy with the final version. The tail’s a bit long and its stripes are too triangular tho. Otherwise, I think it turned out well. I like the proportions and that he has a neck. The ears aren’t super well defined, but work with the head fluff. I was initially going for “serene” in the face, but the lower jaw causes more of a “Hi! :D”, which I like more.

wko_039 - tiger (111) wko_039 - tiger (113)

wko_039 - tiger (112)


Origami, Original Designs

This is my version of the pokemon Zapdos, or just a general thunderbird, if you’re not into pokemon.

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (101) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (102)

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (103) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (104)

I designed the head first then the wings. After these, the things that changed the most were the legs and tail. Only the width of the tail really changed, because I wanted it to be like the tail in Calico’s Zapdos, shown here (I wish there was a crease pattern or something for that).

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (105) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (107)

The yellow one has the earliest legs, where only the lower legs and front feet change colour. The shiny one has completely different coloured legs a slightly different tail. The matte one is the final version, with the legs sticking straight out from the main body.

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (106) WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (109)

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (111)

I been trying to do fancy outdoor shots, but I wasn’t sure what to do here. So I made him in a fence thing.

WKO_038 - ZAPDOS (124)


Origami, Original Designs

I was really proud of this Bowser I came up with, but I had trouble getting the face. I thought I’d improved it a lot, but someone pointed out that it was still bad. Anyway, while I debated on putting it here, I put a lot of work into it and maybe can adapt it to a kappa or Gamera.

There’s an initial version and a final version. Also, I painted them so it would be more clear they’re supposed to be Bowser, and I’m showing both painted and unpainted.

WKO_032 - BOWSER (101) WKO_032 - BOWSER (108)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (106) WKO_032 - BOWSER (107)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (103) WKO_032 - BOWSER (105)

The face was actually a bit different before painting because the paint reset the paper a bit. I couldn’t get it back after that.

WKO_032 - BOWSER (116) WKO_032 - BOWSER (102)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (124) WKO_032 - BOWSER (120)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (114) WKO_032 - BOWSER (122)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (117) WKO_032 - BOWSER (119)

(Everything above this is the initial version, and everything below is the final version.)

Apart from the face, most of the attributes between versions are the same with only slight differences. I moved the shell spikes out from each other in the final one, basically to as far out as I was comfortable with. The tail is slightly different between versions. I also put little bands on the first one, but those are just separate strips.

WKO_032 - BOWSER (128) WKO_032 - BOWSER (135)

For the final version, I painted it beige (the colour that the mouth/nose, horns, and spikes are) before folding to make things simpler. I tried to make a more structured face, but the bigger problem is that I don’t do curves very well. I tried to offset that by making the hair sharply geometric, trying to give it a more cubist style overall.

WKO_032 - BOWSER (126) WKO_032 - BOWSER (131)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (130) WKO_032 - BOWSER (136)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (134) WKO_032 - BOWSER (132)

WKO_032 - BOWSER (137) WKO_032 - BOWSER (138)


Origami, Original Designs

A few days ago, the first trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters came out. Yay! I love Godzilla, and this one looks pretty good. It also has Mothra, Radon, and King Ghidora (and maybe others). I’ve made a Godzilla and Ghidora, so I thought I’d post my origami Mothra.

WKO_028_MOTHRA (101)    WKO_028_MOTHRA (110)

This was an odd one due to the wings needing so much length. I made the abdomen from a point formed inside the square, and then spread it out and added ridges. That way, I could make sections for the head, wings, and legs using the edges of the paper.

WKO_028_MOTHRA (106)    WKO_028_MOTHRA (107)

WKO_028_MOTHRA (105)

I like how the face turned out, which is odd because it’s mostly shaping. The eyes in particular had to be indented to show up, but they turned out. The biggest problems were the antenna above the head (which turned out a bit short) and the appendages to the sides of her mouth. I tried to get those from the set with the legs, but they sometimes look more like forelegs.

WKO_028_MOTHRA (104)    WKO_028_MOTHRA (109)

WKO_028_MOTHRA (108)    WKO_028_MOTHRA (103)

I figured Mothra would look better painted, with all the vibrant colours. She’s pretty fuzzy, so I used oil paints because they sometimes look fuzzy to me (not that they really do here). I left the white unpainted. Her hindwings are above her forewings now because I painted them second and don’t know how long it takes oil paints to completely set.

WKO_028_MOTHRA (114)    WKO_028_MOTHRA (113)

WKO_028_MOTHRA (115)    WKO_028_MOTHRA (116)

WKO_028_MOTHRA (117)    WKO_028_MOTHRA (118)

I’m thinking of updating my Godzilla a bit so he’s not so thin and adding some to my Pteranodon to make a Radon. I wonder if I should try Gamera? Daiei should really let them put him in a movie with Godzilla.

WKO_028_MOTHRA (111)

Hollow Knight

Origami, Original Designs

I designed an origami model for the protagonist of the Team Cherry game Hollow Knight (which is available on Steam). I really love this game. It came out February 2017, right after the game award season and well before the Steam Summer Sale. While it certainly wasn’t forgotten because of this, I kind of feel like it was overshadowed by other games that came out later in the year.



This little dude is the protagonist, and he’s… a little dude. I’m not sure how much I should say to not give away the story. You’re just dropped into the game, but the story unravels as you go along.



Anyway, he lives in a world filled with zombie bugs that he kills with his weapon, a “nail”. It’s more serene and/or moody than that description implies.


Like I said, it’s a fantastic game. In August and October 2017, they released free content packs with new bosses, accessories, side quests, and some new locations, and have another pack in development. Even in their regular maintenance update, they added an adorable (but deadly) bee knight.


If you have Steam and don’t have the game, buy it here. It also came out recently on the Nintendo Switch.



King Ghidorah

Origami, Original Designs

I make a lot of kaijuu, and, since I made Godzilla before, I decided to try for Ghidorah. After getting a base I liked, I went through a few versions of this one.

WKO_026_GIDORA (101) WKO_026_GIDORA (102)

The wings are shaped such they kind of arc up, making the shoulders out the longest part by a lot (but never curving back down). I got that aspect, but the problem became making the heads match. I figure the middle one can be a bit different, but, in the first one, they are way too far apart.

WKO_026_GIDORA (104) WKO_026_GIDORA (106)

His tail is kind of fishy, but I really like how the feet turned out.

WKO_026_GIDORA (108) WKO_026_GIDORA (112)

WKO_026_GIDORA (113) WKO_026_GIDORA (111)

I tried a few different heads and added scales to the chest flap. The heads were changed by minor additions, but I finally decided I needed something more drastic to get more leeway in the side heads.

WKO_026_GIDORA (125) WKO_026_GIDORA (119)

WKO_026_GIDORA (120) WKO_026_GIDORA (123)

I did this by collapsing in more paper to those sections (perpendicular to the wings). This helped with the front scales, gave a more rectangular body, and added parts to the tail. The middle head has an extra pair of horns but is now much closer to the other two, with all three now having tongues.

WKO_026_GIDORA (122) WKO_026_GIDORA (124)

WKO_026_GIDORA (118)

Flying Horse and Flying Stabhorse

Origami, Original Designs

Somebody triggered me thinking about flying horses, and I thought it might be nice in origami. There are already a lot of them, but I wanted the design to have the hair as a different colour. It was pretty tricky, but I kind of like the outcome.

WKO_024_PEGASUS (105) WKO_024_PEGASUS (106)

WKO_024_PEGASUS (107) WKO_024_PEGASUS (104)

I’m calling it “flying horse” instead of “Pegasus” because I’ve never been sure if Pegasus was just his name. There was only the one in Greek mythology.

WKO_024_PEGASUS (110) WKO_024_PEGASUS (111)

WKO_024_PEGASUS (112) WKO_024_PEGASUS (109)

This was all fine, but I was playing around the next week, like I do. Again, I stumbled into a model. This one’s a flying horse with a horn. It’s not as complicated as the other one, but I like it a lot more because it basically has the features I wanted in a more minimal and elegant way.


I’m calling it “Flying Stabhorse” instead of “Flying Unicorn” or “Pegacorn” because I don’t really like the term unicorn. It just means “one horn”. “Flying Stabhorse” is much more descriptive.