Archdemon Update

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve probably already said, but, whenever I make instructions for an origami model, the model is updated and changed. Here’s the more structurally uniform Archdemon!

This is one of the models that looks better with specific painting for the different aspects. Because painting after folding can be difficult and cause the model to stick to itself, I made an additional page of instructions for pre-painting this time.

I don’t actually know if anyone is interested in folding archdemons (or most of what I come up with, really), so the instructions aren’t here right now. I mostly make diagrams because I’m afraid I’ll forget how I did it. I can make lots of archdemons now!

Tiger Lotus Shoes

Other Stuff

It’s been a bit since I posted stuff here. Besides general stuff, I got some kind of hand eczema and broke my arm. So that’s fun. But I’m back for… well, a couple of posts at least.

The first one is non-origami. One video game character has some shoes I like, and I had some super cheap shoes I never wear. I took those apart for the rubber sole parts, made and modified a pattern off of the pieces, and put together new shoes.

Probably the hardest part was figuring out how to paint the rubber (the upper black line was originally red). I think it turned out pretty well for a first try at it.