Crease Pattern Challenge 038

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

Issue 94’s challenge (#38) is Fumiaki Kawahata’s Shachihoko. This mythical animal is a tiger-headed fish that causes rain. Shachihoko statues are found on the ends of lots of Japanese temple roofs. They are usually shown resting on their necks with the body curving up. Here’s a pretty good one on a castle in a travel log, or you can google it.


Kawahata’s Shachihoko emphasizes the body rather than the head. It’s a little surprising, but it allows him to focus on the fins and scales and making the model much more 3D.


Fumiaki Kawahata is one of the two authors of Origami Insects Vol. 1. I covered the models of the other author, Seiji Nishikawa, with Crease Pattern Challenge 14. Below are the remaining models, which are all designed by Kawahata. (He already shows how the models will scale relative to the initial square length in the book, so I’m not doing that this time.)

Jambar Giant Scarab

OI1_01 (101) OI1_01 (102) OI1_01 (103)

Jambar Giant Scarab (update)

OI1_02 (101) OI1_02 (102) OI1_02 (103) OI1_02 (104)

Flying Cicada

OI1_03 (102) OI1_03 (103) OI1_03 (104)

Neptune Giant Beetle

OI1_04 (101) OI1_04 (102)

Caucasus Giant Beetle

OI1_05 (101) OI1_05 (102) OI1_05 (103)

Golden-Ringed Dragonfly (the OrigamiHouse website lists it as Golden-Ringed Bragonfly)

OI1_06 (101) OI1_06 (103) OI1_06 (104)

Japanese Giant Grasshopper

OI1_07 (101) OI1_07 (102) OI1_07 (103)

Leaf Insect

OI1_08 (101) OI1_08 (102)

Eupatorus Horned Beetle

OI1_09 (101) OI1_09 (102) OI1_09 (103)

I like all the insects from both authors, but I’m extra partial to the Leaf Insect and Golden-Ringed Dragonfly.

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