Scaled Works of Satoshi Kaimya 01-03

Origami, Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya

As you can tell, one of my favourite origami artists is Satoshi Kamiya. His first book, Works of Satoshi Kamiya 1995-2003, has lots of great models. I always have trouble visualizing the size difference from an initial square to model, even when it’s listed, so, in addition to folding these models, I’m folding them all with the same initial size of square. Hopefully that’s kind of interesting.

WOSK_100 - BOOK (2)

Anyway, the square size is 27.9 cm. I wanted a good way to scale the models between each other, so I just decided to scale them against model #12 in the book, “The Yellow Bird”, who stands, from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head, at about 10 cm. These first models are typically a bit easier than the later ones, so here are 3 to start off with.


The first is a Carnotaurus. He has a cute face. He also comes down enough in size that he makes the bird look gigantic.

WOSK_102 - EAGLE RAY (1) WOSK_102 - EAGLE RAY (3)

While fairly simple, the Eagle Ray has a very eloquent design, with the underside (picture without bird) showing the mouth and… other ray stuff, as opposed to the sleek top side of the body (shown with bird). This time, the ray dwarfs the bird.

WOSK_103 - SPLASH (1) WOSK_103 - SPLASH (3)

Splash!, the third model, is a bit different than all the others, as it includes part of a landscape. It also captures an inherently more active scene, with a bird landing in water.

There are 19 total models in the book. I’ll keep posting them out about 2 at a time till it’s finished out.

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