Old One Pixie and Marquis de Léon/キングレオ

Origami, Original Designs

These are some pretty recent ones. I was trying to come up a Marquis de Léon (more on him below) and came up with a quirky monster that I like. It’s not actually from a square, though. I thought I could get a clearer handle on what I was trying to do by removing excess paper. It actually removed way too much, but I kind of doodled with what I had and got this.


I think it looks like a Cthulhu style old one monster with the tentacles combined with one of those angels from that show due to all the eyes. Or maybe a video game monster, like a Starman. Anyway, for some reason, I really like it.


The one I was trying to make was Marquis de Léon/キングレオ from Dragon Quest. All the Dragon Quest monsters are fun and inventive (they’re all designed by Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama; he seems to make an entirely new set of monsters for each game). The King Leo monster is a lion with eight arms. I guess, technically, he was a dude who turned into a lion with eight arms, but I only made the origami for the lion.

WKO_010 - KING LEO (2) WKO_010 - KING LEO (6) WKO_010 - KING LEO (5) WKO_010 - KING LEO (4)

I think he came out ok. The final design has paws with three claws on the upper four legs, a wide, open mouth, and a very ostentatious mane. He also has a good nose. The muzzle gave me some trouble because it kept moving too close to the dog zone. It’s probably still a little too long on this one.

WKO_010 - KING LEO (7) WKO_010 - KING LEO (9)

The pixel lion is a little hard to see. I have the original art in the Dragon Quest Encyclopedia of Monsters, which has all the monsters’ art from Dragon Quest 1 through 9. I love that freaking book. If you want it, here are a couple of links that have it available (at the time of writing this).

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