Archdemon Update

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve probably already said, but, whenever I make instructions for an origami model, the model is updated and changed. Here’s the more structurally uniform Archdemon!

This is one of the models that looks better with specific painting for the different aspects. Because painting after folding can be difficult and cause the model to stick to itself, I made an additional page of instructions for pre-painting this time.

I don’t actually know if anyone is interested in folding archdemons (or most of what I come up with, really), so the instructions aren’t here right now. I mostly make diagrams because I’m afraid I’ll forget how I did it. I can make lots of archdemons now!

Archdemon, Belial, & Dessert Demon

Origami, Original Designs

Here’s another origami Dragon Quest monster. Nearly all of Dragon Quest’s monsters are designed by Akira Toriyama, the guy who did Dragonball. I thought now would be a good time for another DQ monster, Archdemon, with the E3 having DQXI on Switch and the Hero(es) from DQ games coming to smash.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (105)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (115) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (106)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (112) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (113)

This is one of the ones I painted after the folding. The images above are before the detail painting, and you can see there’s colour switch around the nose.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (130) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (131)

One of the paints I used was new and didn’t dry as quickly as the others. I painted the wings with it, thought I let it dry enough, then refolded the wings to make sure they didn’t lose the shape. I had to unfold to paint more, but the paint fused the wing and it ended up tearing. I grafted a new wing on him after this.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (164) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (160)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (150) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (153)

I did the pallet swap monsters Belial and Dessert Demon too. I also made them their weapons in smaller squares.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (147) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (148)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (101) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (132)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (165) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (167)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (170) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (171)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (173) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (174)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (140) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (142)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (143) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (144)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (145) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (178)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (136)

Green Dragon

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve done a few Dragon Quest monsters in origami and always wanted to make the Green Dragon. It was tricky, but I came up with one I like. Apparently, the hero of Dragon Quest 3 might be added to Smash Brothers Ultimate, so I was initially intending to wait for that to post this. However, besides that that might not happen, my Green Dragon came out quite a bit different than the Dragon Quest one.

To explain, here is the Dragon Quest Green Dragon:


Unless you paint it after, you only get two colours in origami. I could have done the upper and lower half body difference, but the spine being a different colour seemed more striking to me. My dragon has shorter horns, no side fins, and bigger feet. Also, I used the spine spikes to add scale texture to the body.

I have a couple of late-stage development shots:

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (109) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (108)

Here’s the first version of my impressionistic Green Dragon:

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (101) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (102)

That’s the “first version” because I decided it should be longer for some reason. The second version is bigger, longer, and has finer scales and more spines.

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (103) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (104)

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (105) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (106)

I don’t know which version I like better. The original is a bit more cartoonish and a better fit for Dragon Quest. But the other one is large.

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (107)

Puchi Mage

Origami, Original Designs

This is the fourth and last of the Dragon Quest leaf bros. He’s the mage/black magician.

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(101) WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(103)

His yellow versions are プチマージ (Puchi Mage), FooMage, and Conkjurer, while his blue variations are コロマージ (Koro Mage), PodMage, and Wiz Pip.

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(104) WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(106)

I think this one came out the best of the designs. He has colour change on his hat, cape, and wand, has a leaf collar, and has fingers and a wand. The collar and cape should be the same colour (they are probably the same leaf in the original concept), but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. I’m really proud of the wand with the little star.

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(105) WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(107)

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(109)

Puchi Fighter

Origami, Original Designs

Another Puchi Dragon Quest monster is the Puchi Fighter. He is the warrior class leaf dude.


His yellow versions are the プチファイター (Puchi Fighter), FoFightr, and Conkerer in the DS version of Dragon Quest V. The blue/grey ones are コロファイター (Koro Fighter), PodFightr, and Battle Pip. I really don’t get why they decided to rename the Koro Hero to Pip Fighter and the Koro Fighter to Battle Pip. I guess it doesn’t make much difference when the yellow/green ones are all Conk-puns, but I still don’t get the name shell game. Is “Battle Pip” a thing? Like an expression or brand of cola?


I actually made this one last (after the Puchi Mage). I couldn’t get the hat colour changed, but I’d really need 3 colours to do it justice anyway. I do like how the hat and colour change turned out. Also, an axe is extremely hard to make out of paper.



Puchi Priest

Origami, Original Designs

The second Puchi leaf dude I made was the Puchi Priest. The priest is the cleric/healer of the group (both with this monster and with character classes in Dragon Quest games). This is why he has a cross (and possibly a pope-ish hat).


The green variations are プチプリースト(Puchi Priest), FooPriest, or Conkuisitor, while the blue editions are コロプリースト(Koro Priest), PodPriest, or Epipany (names from the Japanese, English SNES, and English DS editions of the games).


I mentioned I was going to go over the names a bit, but I’m actually not so sure about the English names. I have no idea about Foo, Conk, or Pip, which recur in the English names. I think Pod refers to “pod people”, which are plants that replace humans in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Not sure tho.

Anyway, the Japanese names are プチ (Puchi) and コロ (Koro). Puchi is just a word for small/petit. Koro is more interesting; it’s from コロポックル (koropokkuru), which are little spirit people who live under plants in Ainu legend. I like little spirit people over alien abductors by far.



Puchi Hero

Origami, Original Designs

As I said, I like Dragon Quest monsters and sometimes try to make them in origami. Some of my favourite monsters are a set of leaf people introduced in Dragon Quest 7. When they remade Dragon Quest 4, 5, and 6, I got a nice surprise, as they were added to DQ5 and its monster recruitment mechanic. You could have an entire team of just leaf people!

There are 4 different monsters, with far too many names. This is because of two reasons. First, there are two pallet swaps: puchi are green and yellow and koro are blue and grey/blue. That makes 8. Since their names were puns, the names were changed when translated to English (16). Then the names were re-translated for the DQ5 remake (24). Additionally, the Puchi Hero was used for a boss (no pallet swap, but different name) in DQ7, for another 2 names. They’re also bringing DQ7’s and DQ8’s 3DS remakes to English, and, if the boss’s name is re-translated, that will probably cause it to end up having 27 total names for 8 different monsters.

The first leaf dude I made was the プチヒーロー(Puchi Hero)/FooHero/Conkuistador. The DQ7 boss was さんぞくのカシラ (Sanzoku no Kashira: Bandit’s Leader)/BanditWig. Here he is.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (101) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (102) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (105)

I tried to include as many prominent features as possible. He even has tiny fingers holding the sword and shield.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (109) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (110) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (111)

The blue pallet swap is the コロヒーロー(Koro Hero)/PodHero/Pip Fighter. I don’t know what they were thinking in the DQ5 translation here, because one of the other ones is “Fighter” in Japanese (and not as a Japanese word: phonetic English ファイター Fa-i-ta-a).

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (113) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (115)

Naturally, this one reminds me of the Journey song of the same name, “Puchi Hero”. I was going to talk more about the names, but this is long enough. So maybe next Puchi.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (114)


Old One Pixie and Marquis de Léon/キングレオ

Origami, Original Designs

These are some pretty recent ones. I was trying to come up a Marquis de Léon (more on him below) and came up with a quirky monster that I like. It’s not actually from a square, though. I thought I could get a clearer handle on what I was trying to do by removing excess paper. It actually removed way too much, but I kind of doodled with what I had and got this.


I think it looks like a Cthulhu style old one monster with the tentacles combined with one of those angels from that show due to all the eyes. Or maybe a video game monster, like a Starman. Anyway, for some reason, I really like it.


The one I was trying to make was Marquis de Léon/キングレオ from Dragon Quest. All the Dragon Quest monsters are fun and inventive (they’re all designed by Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama; he seems to make an entirely new set of monsters for each game). The King Leo monster is a lion with eight arms. I guess, technically, he was a dude who turned into a lion with eight arms, but I only made the origami for the lion.

WKO_010 - KING LEO (2) WKO_010 - KING LEO (6) WKO_010 - KING LEO (5) WKO_010 - KING LEO (4)

I think he came out ok. The final design has paws with three claws on the upper four legs, a wide, open mouth, and a very ostentatious mane. He also has a good nose. The muzzle gave me some trouble because it kept moving too close to the dog zone. It’s probably still a little too long on this one.

WKO_010 - KING LEO (7) WKO_010 - KING LEO (9)

The pixel lion is a little hard to see. I have the original art in the Dragon Quest Encyclopedia of Monsters, which has all the monsters’ art from Dragon Quest 1 through 9. I love that freaking book. If you want it, here are a couple of links that have it available (at the time of writing this).