Phoenix and Something

Origami, Original Designs

My last entry this week is a couple of things I came up with. The first is a Phoenix… sort of. I once made it a long time ago with fancy printed paper and it looked really proud and phoenix-like. It’s more like a crane though. Which makes sense, as it was based on the classic crane origami model.

WKO_000 - PHOENIX (1) WKO_000 - PHOENIX (3) WKO_000 - PHOENIX (2)

Related to that, I designed this model, but it’s based off of the traditional crane model and really pretty simple. So, there’s a good chance that someone else has designed a model that’s exactly the same by coincidence. It’s not like it’s an extremely complex model that I simplified slightly and claimed I did it, like if I stole Satoshi Kamiya’s Ancient Dragon. That would be obvious.


The last one I did is a Something. I don’t know what it is. I was trying to figure out back ridge scale things but couldn’t get it without a lot of lines on the rest of the model. So I used a pattern like the one on the skin of the Ryuzin to just make a texture out of it. This was just a test model (it would need much finer scales and bigger paper for what I had in mind), but I kind of liked it so I thought I’d put it up here.


I like how the weird head turned out, and am wondering if those flaps should be ears or ram-like horns. I probably won’t make it again though, as he’s just something I was playing around with. Still, I think he’s endearing.

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