Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya 14-15

Origami, Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya

The next two models from Works of Satoshi Kamiya are a cat and a dolphin.


This one is a saber-toothed cat, aka the saber-toothed tiger. I don’t really understand why some people get angry when others call this a “tiger”. No one has that much of a problem with “giant panda” and “red panda” both being “pandas”. Or calling some “dolphins” “whales”.


I like this cat. He has a similar, wrapped form to the “Cerberus” model (the one that’s also from Kamiya). My cerberii slowly flatten out from the back ridge, because there are so many layers on the side. This cat has just the right thickness to be sturdy and stay folded without too much tweaking (like wetting and waiting for it to dry).

WOSK_115 - ORCA (1) WOSK_115 - ORCA (2) WOSK_115 - ORCA (3)

The next model (what is this now? 15? 16?) is an Orca. I’m not too big on smooth aquatic animals (I like spiny ones though), but I really like this one. I’m not sure why, but it could be his happy face and unbridledly optimistic smile.

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