Lamia and Owl

Origami, Original Designs

Here are a pair of models I devised (I’m quickly running out of synonyms). The first I planned out and re-fashioned by trial and error, and the second I thought of near the end of playing around with extra paper.

WKO_012 - DEIS (1)WKO_012 - DEIS (5)

I came up with this Lamia trying to make Deis from the Breath of Fire video game series. (By “Lamia”, I just mean generic snake woman, as it’s sort of come to mean in pop culture, not the original mythological character.) If you played a Breath of Fire and are going, “Who?”, she was re-named Bleu in the English versions of the first two games. The series has great characters and character design. Deis is one of my favourite characters, which is lucky, since she’s in so many games.

WKO_012 - DEIS (4)WKO_012 - DEIS (2)WKO_012 - DEIS (6)

This is actually my second design for the character. The first had scales on the lower body, but adding scales causes the model to become shorter (head to tail). That model would actually make a good mermaid. I might post it if I ever go back and fix up the end of the tail. For this version, I was trying for something else (I forget what) when I found a base with the right length and started there.

WKO_013 - OWL (2)WKO_013 - OWL (3)

This Owl started as nothing in particular, became a suspension bridge, and finally became an owl when I backed up and looked at it. It’s kind of short but has lots of room for adjustment on the wings. To me, the Suspension Owl looks like something from a video game, so I like that.

WKO_013 - OWL (5)WKO_013 - OWL (8)

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