Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya 16-17

Origami, Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya

I’m almost out of models from this book. Too bad. I wonder if I should do another book. All the models in these posts are made from a square that’s 27.9 cm and are shown in a picture with the model “The Yellow Bird” for easy size comparison to each other.

The first model is a Coelophysis, the dinosaur most likely to be crazy or curse you out for stealing its girl.


My first thought is, “How do I not have more pictures of this one?” He’s pretty sleek though, so I suppose this few covers it. It’s a little hard to get some two legged models to stand on their own, but the Coelophysis can relax on his tail if necessary.

WOSK_117 - WIZARD (1) WOSK_117 - WIZARD (2)

The other model is the Wizard. Besides looking cool, the model has unique asymmetry to make its different aspects. He’s quite Gandalf-ish from the one side but more whirling dervish from the other. Front on, he’s Gandalf to the max. I guess you have to learn to dance to keep sane with all that hobbit singing.

WOSK_117 - WIZARD (3)

“You cannot pass.”

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