Crease Pattern Challenge 025

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

Takashi Hojyo is another one of those folders with a lot of Crease Pattern Challenges, for obvious reasons. Challenge 25 in Origami Tanteidan Magazine 79 is his Violinist.

otmcp_025-violinist-hojyo-1 otmcp_025-violinist-hojyo-4 otmcp_025-violinist-hojyo-5

His models tend to be a series of points you shape afterward. Usually, it’s a bit more obvious, but the violin, hands, and sleeve as well as the face and hair are pretty similar. It’s lucky for me the pattern has what’s what listed on it for reference. What really threw me, especially with the head, was the polarity switch in the dress that I almost missed. It’s shown clearly, but sometimes I just take off too fast on things like this.

otmcp_025-violinist-hojyo-6 otmcp_025-violinist-hojyo-7


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