Crease Pattern Challenge 024

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

I think I hate this sheep.

Challenge 24 in issue 78 is Seiji Nishikawa’s Sheep. It’s a fairly simple model, but the crease pattern is not. I get that it’s a “challenge”, but, when there are other entries that are less confusing and get you things like a bad-ass dragon, this much work for this sheep is just frustrating. Anyway, my first go wasn’t so good.


I didn’t go back to it for awhile. When I did, I copied, expanded, and quartered the pattern. I folded each part and connected them afterwards to find out how to fold the model. Except for one of the two identical quarters, leading to this Franken-sheep.


otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-103 otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-104

So Frankenstein is a last name, and the monster is kind of related to Viccy (I mean, he created him), so wouldn’t the monster’s name… wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right. This bloody sheep.

I already had all the reference points; the only problem was that the ears and legs came together in a crazy way. With the cobbled together one, I got the final sheep folded.

otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-112 otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-107

otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-109 otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-110

otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-111 otmcp_024-sheep-nishikawa-113

I do like the nose a lot, but I think this would be better served with diagrams.

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