Crease Pattern Challenge 027


I’ve been having trouble keeping up with entries here, so I figured I could do a lot of the crease pattern challenges at once. I already had quite a few of the next ones done, so there were only a couple of gaps. I considered posting in reverse order (so you could just scroll down to the last one), but that would mess up the order by tag sorting. So, the group posted on the same day spans Crease Pattern Challenges from 27 (this one) back to 19 – Satoshi Kamiya’s Tetrahedron.

A Loggerhead Sea Turtle by Satoshi Kamiya is Crease Pattern Challenge 27. Doesn’t tend to disappoint, does he?

otmcp_027-loggerhead-sea-turtle-1 otmcp_027-loggerhead-sea-turtle-6

I’ve made a few of these, and this one is from awhile ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about folding him, other than the head. You’re supposed to thin the head out so that it’s longer and narrower than mine, but I thought he looked better this way. Not “more like a turtle” better, more “like an adorable cartoon” better.

This model really is something else. It’s 3D, has a textured shell, and even has a matching textured belly.

otmcp_027-loggerhead-sea-turtle-3 otmcp_027-loggerhead-sea-turtle-2

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