Crease Pattern Challenge 019

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

This is the first of several Crease Pattern Challenges in one day (see Challenge 27 here for more info). I didn’t fold them on the same day, just put them here. I think. I’m pretty sure.

This is Challenge 19: A Regular Tetrahedron with a Hyperbolic Paraboloid by Satoshi Kamiya. You may ask, “What is a tetrahedron?” Well, “tetra” means four, and “hedron” means bases or something. “Regular” implies that all the faces are the same and have the same angles when making the polygon. So it’s a pyramid.

otmcp_019-tetrahedron-kamiya-2 otmcp_019-tetrahedron-kamiya-3

That should be boring, but it was made by Satoshi Kamiya. The “hyperbolic paraboloid” is the interesting part. This is essentially a saddle-shaped surface, and he put it in the center of the square to cause it to fold in to the tetrahedron. Here it is pulled out and collapsing back.

otmcp_019-tetrahedron-kamiya-4 otmcp_019-tetrahedron-kamiya-6

otmcp_019-tetrahedron-kamiya-7 otmcp_019-tetrahedron-kamiya-8 otmcp_019-tetrahedron-kamiya-9

While it initially looks boring, it’s pretty interesting and a little trippy.

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