Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

For this set of models, I wanted to start with something very simple that kids could make and then add details to this model to make it more complex. So this is a pteranodon in development stages.

The simplest version (below in green) still has the right look but could clearly have improved details. The most obvious improvement would be the head needing a back fin. The legs are also a bit simple. I had quite a few leg variations; these are the easiest legs to make. I mostly lucked out on the chest section being clearly delineated (which is one of the best aspects of this model).



The middle version (in orange) has those improvements and a few more. The head has the back fin, and the legs and tail are a little more complex. Also, the neck is thinned by sinks on the sides, and the parts of the wings that come out from the chest are narrowed. I think this is more recognizable as a pteranodon, but it can no longer stand up like the previous model. This is because the paper reserved for the head causes extra area at the bottom of the wings.



The final model’s main aspect is the addition of claws, but it also attempts to improve the head and leg structure. There was a lot of trial and error. I initially came up with wing claws basically out of nowhere but eventually realized I could follow those claws down to the feet and sort of hide the line between them in the wings using sinks. The new claw structure causes extra paper area in the head and tail sections. The head uses this for the back fin, while the extra tail is folded in and hidden.





I’m going to diagram up the first two at least.

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