Crease Pattern Challenge 035

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

Crease Pattern Challenge 35 in Issue 90 is another one of Takashi Hojyo’s human forms, Aquarius the water pourer (his 2005 version). He tends to go back and improve a lot of his older models, and this one is amazing. I wonder if he just liked the water pouring idea or if he was going to do a zodiac set. I noticed he likes sets, such as his Twelve Heavenly Generals. For examples, one of his generals, Vajra, has also been recently updated. But maybe it’s just that his zodiac sign might be Aquarius?

OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (102) OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (105)

Being a zodiac sign, this is also a mythological model. Aquarius represents Ganymede, a young boy from Troy. Zeus turned into an eagle and kidnapped him to make him immortal and serve as cupbearer of the gods on Olympus. Zeus chose Ganymede because he thought he was hot. K.

OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (108) OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (103) OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (111)

OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (107)

Anyway, the model is great. About a quarter of the paper is the water and jar. The arms are separate from the jar and are shaped to hold it. I should probably use more water to fold and shape things like this, but instead I used fishing line to hold the left arm to the jar for now (as you can clearly see). I kind of left the right arm dramatically far out. ¡Olé!

OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (101)  OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (112)

OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (113) OTMCP_035 - AQUARIUS 2005 - HOJYO (110)

Flying Horse and Flying Stabhorse

Origami, Original Designs

Somebody triggered me thinking about flying horses, and I thought it might be nice in origami. There are already a lot of them, but I wanted the design to have the hair as a different colour. It was pretty tricky, but I kind of like the outcome.

WKO_024_PEGASUS (105) WKO_024_PEGASUS (106)

WKO_024_PEGASUS (107) WKO_024_PEGASUS (104)

I’m calling it “flying horse” instead of “Pegasus” because I’ve never been sure if Pegasus was just his name. There was only the one in Greek mythology.

WKO_024_PEGASUS (110) WKO_024_PEGASUS (111)

WKO_024_PEGASUS (112) WKO_024_PEGASUS (109)

This was all fine, but I was playing around the next week, like I do. Again, I stumbled into a model. This one’s a flying horse with a horn. It’s not as complicated as the other one, but I like it a lot more because it basically has the features I wanted in a more minimal and elegant way.


I’m calling it “Flying Stabhorse” instead of “Flying Unicorn” or “Pegacorn” because I don’t really like the term unicorn. It just means “one horn”. “Flying Stabhorse” is much more descriptive.