Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya 18-19

Origami, Scaled Works of Satoshi Kamiya

These are the last models in the first Works of Satoshi Kamiya books. There is a second book, and I just got it. So, I’ll also do those soon. The scaling is 27.9 cm squares for each model.


The first is the Ancient Dragon. This was also Tanteidan Magazine’s first Crease Pattern Challenge, which I already did a post for. I only have one picture of him in that one, maybe in anticipation of this one. I think there’s a difference, but just in internal structure, so you can’t really see it here. However, you can see the eight horns much better in these pictures.

The last model is Mammuthus primigenius, a woolly mammoth. So… I thought I’d have more to say about woolly mammoths. I thought I knew more about them, but I guess I just like them because they’re like fuzzy elephants. I couldn’t remember or find much pop culture of them either, except this, which is fantastic (whole thing).


This mammoth was done with thicker paper to help keep the shape, show the color change, and give a bit of a fur look. Usually, my detailing isn’t great, but I like how the nose came out.

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