Puchi Hero

Origami, Original Designs

As I said, I like Dragon Quest monsters and sometimes try to make them in origami. Some of my favourite monsters are a set of leaf people introduced in Dragon Quest 7. When they remade Dragon Quest 4, 5, and 6, I got a nice surprise, as they were added to DQ5 and its monster recruitment mechanic. You could have an entire team of just leaf people!

There are 4 different monsters, with far too many names. This is because of two reasons. First, there are two pallet swaps: puchi are green and yellow and koro are blue and grey/blue. That makes 8. Since their names were puns, the names were changed when translated to English (16). Then the names were re-translated for the DQ5 remake (24). Additionally, the Puchi Hero was used for a boss (no pallet swap, but different name) in DQ7, for another 2 names. They’re also bringing DQ7’s and DQ8’s 3DS remakes to English, and, if the boss’s name is re-translated, that will probably cause it to end up having 27 total names for 8 different monsters.

The first leaf dude I made was the プチヒーロー(Puchi Hero)/FooHero/Conkuistador. The DQ7 boss was さんぞくのカシラ (Sanzoku no Kashira: Bandit’s Leader)/BanditWig. Here he is.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (101) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (102) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (105)

I tried to include as many prominent features as possible. He even has tiny fingers holding the sword and shield.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (109) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (110) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (111)

The blue pallet swap is the コロヒーロー(Koro Hero)/PodHero/Pip Fighter. I don’t know what they were thinking in the DQ5 translation here, because one of the other ones is “Fighter” in Japanese (and not as a Japanese word: phonetic English ファイター Fa-i-ta-a).

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (113) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (115)

Naturally, this one reminds me of the Journey song of the same name, “Puchi Hero”. I was going to talk more about the names, but this is long enough. So maybe next Puchi.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (114)


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