Crease Pattern Challenge 020

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

Challenge 20 in issue 74 is a Butterfly by S-Taro.

otmcp_020-butterfly-staro-1 otmcp_020-butterfly-staro-2

I hope this is discernible enough with the cream paper (I can see it, but I folded it). It’s nice, specifically the nose and fluffy ears (or whatever those are in insect). I tried to look up some of his other models, but I can’t really find him. What I think is his website has some Japanese but is mostly characters my computer can’t discern. This might be the page of his stuff, but I can’t be sure because my computer displays the text as gibberish. The insects are great (the cranes are pretty creepy though). I wonder if he goes by his full name or something now.

otmcp_020-butterfly-staro-4 otmcp_020-butterfly-staro-3

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