Crease Pattern Challenge 021

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

So, this is an interesting one. Crease Pattern Challenge #21 is Hideo Komatsu’s Lion in issue 75. I kept screwing up the reference points (there were several close ones that I kept mixing up) and, after trashing a few papers, made a copy of the pattern and folded that.

otmcp_021-lion-komatsu-2 otmcp_021-lion-komatsu-1


This seems mostly correct, but there is a large problem with the mane. Luckily, there are diagrams of this model in Works of Hideo Komatsu, so I folded that one for reference.

komatsu-lion-1 komatsu-lion-2

komatsu-lion-3 komatsu-lion-4


Apparently, I just didn’t flip the front of the mane back. The fold back line isn’t actually in the crease pattern (it would probably be pretty confusing to include, so it’s one of those interpretive parts). In any case, I’m counting my less detailed, more derpy lion. I also found out I already folded this model (99% sure from diagrams), so here it is in the kind of paper I usually use.

komatsu-lion-7 komatsu-lion-6


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