Crease Pattern Challenge 022

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

This is another crease pattern by Satoshi Kamiya, and it’s easy to see why they use his models so much. #22 is simply called “Vespid”, which is a wasp but not a specific wasp (such as a German Yellowjacket).

otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-112 otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-111

otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-106 otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-104

otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-109 otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-107

This is the kind of crease pattern I like. The less straightforward parts don’t feel like they’re there just to mess with you. The details aren’t too far extrapolated from the pattern and even invite you to interpret them how you like. Wasps creep me out a bit, but I still enjoyed folding this and love the outcome.

On the flip side, since I knew I was working toward a model that looks so interesting, I probably glossed over any problems I would complain about in other crease patterns.

otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-108 otmcp_022-vespid-kamiya-102


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