Crease Pattern Challenge 023

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

Crease Pattern Challenge 23 is a Heptadecagonal Tato designed by Seishi Kasumi. A tato is a flat container for stamps and stuff.


otmcp_023-heptadecagonal-tato-kasumi-4 otmcp_023-heptadecagonal-tato-kasumi-2

I did this one by making a blown up copy (you can see the lines). There are actually instructions for how to get the necessary lines on a page, and I started with that. First, I got the paper to 9 by 17, then I started the initial reference folds, and then wow. It wouldn’t be that tedious (especially looking at previous models), but the number of reference lines with respect to the final applied lines was something. It had at least double the lines radiating out from the center, and all the edges were folded completely. I decided to print it for time and so it wouldn’t have all the extra creases.

After all that, this was kind of fun. I always like things that collapse together.

otmcp_023-heptadecagonal-tato-kasumi-5 otmcp_023-heptadecagonal-tato-kasumi-3

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