Green Dragon

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve done a few Dragon Quest monsters in origami and always wanted to make the Green Dragon. It was tricky, but I came up with one I like. Apparently, the hero of Dragon Quest 3 might be added to Smash Brothers Ultimate, so I was initially intending to wait for that to post this. However, besides that that might not happen, my Green Dragon came out quite a bit different than the Dragon Quest one.

To explain, here is the Dragon Quest Green Dragon:


Unless you paint it after, you only get two colours in origami. I could have done the upper and lower half body difference, but the spine being a different colour seemed more striking to me. My dragon has shorter horns, no side fins, and bigger feet. Also, I used the spine spikes to add scale texture to the body.

I have a couple of late-stage development shots:

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (109) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (108)

Here’s the first version of my impressionistic Green Dragon:

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (101) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (102)

That’s the “first version” because I decided it should be longer for some reason. The second version is bigger, longer, and has finer scales and more spines.

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (103) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (104)

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (105) WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (106)

I don’t know which version I like better. The original is a bit more cartoonish and a better fit for Dragon Quest. But the other one is large.

WKO_041 - GREEN DRAGON (107)

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