Archdemon Update

Origami, Original Designs

I’ve probably already said, but, whenever I make instructions for an origami model, the model is updated and changed. Here’s the more structurally uniform Archdemon!

This is one of the models that looks better with specific painting for the different aspects. Because painting after folding can be difficult and cause the model to stick to itself, I made an additional page of instructions for pre-painting this time.

I don’t actually know if anyone is interested in folding archdemons (or most of what I come up with, really), so the instructions aren’t here right now. I mostly make diagrams because I’m afraid I’ll forget how I did it. I can make lots of archdemons now!

Archdemon, Belial, & Dessert Demon

Origami, Original Designs

Here’s another origami Dragon Quest monster. Nearly all of Dragon Quest’s monsters are designed by Akira Toriyama, the guy who did Dragonball. I thought now would be a good time for another DQ monster, Archdemon, with the E3 having DQXI on Switch and the Hero(es) from DQ games coming to smash.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (105)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (115) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (106)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (112) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (113)

This is one of the ones I painted after the folding. The images above are before the detail painting, and you can see there’s colour switch around the nose.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (130) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (131)

One of the paints I used was new and didn’t dry as quickly as the others. I painted the wings with it, thought I let it dry enough, then refolded the wings to make sure they didn’t lose the shape. I had to unfold to paint more, but the paint fused the wing and it ended up tearing. I grafted a new wing on him after this.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (164) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (160)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (150) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (153)

I did the pallet swap monsters Belial and Dessert Demon too. I also made them their weapons in smaller squares.

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (147) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (148)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (101) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (132)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (165) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (167)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (170) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (171)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (173) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (174)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (140) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (142)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (143) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (144)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (145) WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (178)

WKO_044 - ARCHDEMON (136)

Crease Pattern Challenge 065

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

Crease Pattern Challenge #65 in Origami Tanteidan Magazine Issue 121 is Naoki Takeda’s Tengu. This is probably my favourite Crease Pattern Challenge, at least so far. It’s sort of complex, but I’ve made it a few times.

OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (105) OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (101)

Tengu are Japanese monster-demon-things that range from goblins to bird men (frequently crows). Probably the most common version is a man with a long nose (or even beak) with wings, like this one. But this model has a whole kimono, as well as fans, tengu geta, bushy eyebrows, and a beard.

OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (108) OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (104)

OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (106) OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (107)

There are a few things different in mine than the final model shown in Tanteidan. The head looks a bit different and the fans are squished and spread a bit earlier to give the impression of hands. These I don’t know if I could get to look that good with the size of paper I used. The end model has pleating in the wings. I guess I just like how the wings look without the pleats. Another thing I’m not sure about why are the flaps at the sides of the kimono. I’m not sure if I’m messing something up or like it that way when I make them.

OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (109) OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (111)

Anyway, it’s an absolutely amazing model.

OTMCP_065 - TENGU - TAKEDA (103)

Flying Horse and Flying Stabhorse

Origami, Original Designs

Somebody triggered me thinking about flying horses, and I thought it might be nice in origami. There are already a lot of them, but I wanted the design to have the hair as a different colour. It was pretty tricky, but I kind of like the outcome.

WKO_024_PEGASUS (105) WKO_024_PEGASUS (106)

WKO_024_PEGASUS (107) WKO_024_PEGASUS (104)

I’m calling it “flying horse” instead of “Pegasus” because I’ve never been sure if Pegasus was just his name. There was only the one in Greek mythology.

WKO_024_PEGASUS (110) WKO_024_PEGASUS (111)

WKO_024_PEGASUS (112) WKO_024_PEGASUS (109)

This was all fine, but I was playing around the next week, like I do. Again, I stumbled into a model. This one’s a flying horse with a horn. It’s not as complicated as the other one, but I like it a lot more because it basically has the features I wanted in a more minimal and elegant way.


I’m calling it “Flying Stabhorse” instead of “Flying Unicorn” or “Pegacorn” because I don’t really like the term unicorn. It just means “one horn”. “Flying Stabhorse” is much more descriptive.



Mindflayer and Kobold

Origami, Original Designs

Here are a couple more origami I designed.

Awhile ago, I was at a game shop that specialized in little miniature dudes for Warhammer 40k and the such. I didn’t want to get into another hobby, but I did pick up a little mindflayer guy to put on my desk. They’re like priests, with the long robes and magic, with squid or octopus heads. They’re also in a lot of video games. Eventually, I thought he might make good origami.

wko_020-mindflayer-105 wko_020-mindflayer-101 wko_020-mindflayer-103

I think I could have defined the hands better, but I like them this way because they kind of look like tentacles. His head is more squid like, which is more like the ones in Final Fantasy games than most other interpretations.

wko_020-mindflayer-104 wko_020-mindflayer-106

He has 13 face tentacles. I thought that was a good number for any monster, but I noticed that they usually have less. Do you think 13 face tentacles are too many face tentacles?

Much more recently, I came up with a Kobold. I found out a friend of mine plays a Dungeons and Dragons game online, and I asked him what he thought would be a good monster in origami. When he said “a Kobold”, we were on completely different pages. I was thinking something wolf-like, but, because it’s an older, vaguely defined mythological creature, it has a lot of forms, some of which shape-shift.


wko_022_kobold-102 wko_022_kobold-101 wko_022_kobold-104

The D&D version is more dragon-like, and mine is based on the 5th edition version. I eventually designed the one above but accidentally ended up with an extra pair of limbs. I thought I could make the extra paper be belts and stuff, but it just looked bulky. It bugged me enough that I changed the design and added fingers. The tail ended up really long, but I think I like this version.

wko_022_kobold-105 wko_022_kobold-108 wko_022_kobold-111

wko_022_kobold-107 wko_022_kobold-106


Origami, Original Designs

There are some things I can talk on and on about to people’s annoyance. One of these is Godzilla and Godzilla movies. I like to start these entries with some random stuff about the model subject, but I’m going to try to keep this limited.

If you don’t know who Godzilla is, he has his own wiki here for him and his friends. The most recent projects are Shin Gojira (which is spectacular) and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla-Kong film universe series thing. They seem to be on track to essentially remake King Kong vs. Godzilla, the third entry in the original Godzilla film series from 1963. I was always bothered by Godzilla being so much bigger than Kong, except when they meet. I guess it was a different Kong than the one in the 1933 King Kong movie, who died, but still. Anyway, Legendary has already thought of this, making their King Kong, from Skull: Kong Island, almost laughably gigantic.

I hadn’t seen too many Godzilla origami models (see last paragraph) and found a good base just messing around. I couldn’t figure out exactly where to put the spines, so this was the initial model.

wko_021-gojira-0-102 wko_021-gojira-0-101

Next I shifted the plates around a bit for this Godzilla.

wko_021-gojira-101 wko_021-gojira-102

Then I made a couple more Godzillas with some slight changes to bulk him out and make a more rounded head. The second has the seams spread out to make glowing orange skin sections on the body like in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out.

wko_021-gojira-104 wko_021-gojira-106

wko_021-gojira-105 wko_021-gojira-109

wko_021-gojira-107 wko_021-gojira-108

Really though, I actually hadn’t looked for Godzilla in origami for a long time. There are now a couple of really good ones out there, such as Kade Chan’s and a model based on Shin Gojira found here by Zenigami Danshaku. I mean, I think that’s the original place for the Shin Gojira, but I don’t understand the Twitter.