King Ghidorah

Origami, Original Designs

I make a lot of kaijuu, and, since I made Godzilla before, I decided to try for Ghidorah. After getting a base I liked, I went through a few versions of this one.

WKO_026_GIDORA (101) WKO_026_GIDORA (102)

The wings are shaped such they kind of arc up, making the shoulders out the longest part by a lot (but never curving back down). I got that aspect, but the problem became making the heads match. I figure the middle one can be a bit different, but, in the first one, they are way too far apart.

WKO_026_GIDORA (104) WKO_026_GIDORA (106)

His tail is kind of fishy, but I really like how the feet turned out.

WKO_026_GIDORA (108) WKO_026_GIDORA (112)

WKO_026_GIDORA (113) WKO_026_GIDORA (111)

I tried a few different heads and added scales to the chest flap. The heads were changed by minor additions, but I finally decided I needed something more drastic to get more leeway in the side heads.

WKO_026_GIDORA (125) WKO_026_GIDORA (119)

WKO_026_GIDORA (120) WKO_026_GIDORA (123)

I did this by collapsing in more paper to those sections (perpendicular to the wings). This helped with the front scales, gave a more rectangular body, and added parts to the tail. The middle head has an extra pair of horns but is now much closer to the other two, with all three now having tongues.

WKO_026_GIDORA (122) WKO_026_GIDORA (124)

WKO_026_GIDORA (118)

Crease Pattern Challenge 017

Crease Pattern Challenge, Origami

The 17th Challenge is a Suppon designed by Shinji Sasade. This is another in the growing list of models I took only a couple of pictures of and then promptly lost. Unlike some of the others, I think 2 pictures give a pretty good idea of this model.


This is because the model is extremely well designed. While you could argue that this model is more simple than some of the more complex challenge models, it’s so ingenious that it’s hard to tell where the edges are. With both the shell and belly so well developed, this is a great 3D model.

He also likes to make kaijuu origami. Among them, Sasade has made Radon (diagrammed in Origami Tanteidan Convention Book 5) and Gamera (listed as Turtle-Kaijuu in Convention Book 10).


I like Radon, but he kind of looks like a parrot to me. I guess he always has though. Also, about that link: 1) looks like he didn’t skip leg day in the recent movies, and 2) he’s “Rodan” in English now? Like, the sculptor? Has he always been Rodan in English?


I made Gamera from paper that is too small (again), so I had to improvise some of the details to be less complicated. But I had this really nice shiny paper that I wanted to use. It kind of worked out, because it helped the strong, round shell design.