Origami, Original Designs

Mostly unrelated, I updated the scorpion.

I’ve wanted to come up with an ork or balrog or something like that for awhile. Eventually, I came up with a good and flexible way to make the head of something like an ork. By flexible, I mean I can add extra tusks or horns or whatever pointy things I want to pretty easily.

WKO_016 - ORK A (103)

This made it so I had to decide where the best place to put the head would be (i.e. location in the paper; I know the head should go on the neck). At the same, time I needed to solve a good body.

WKO_016 - ORK A (107) WKO_016 - ORK A (104) WKO_016 - ORK A (102) WKO_016 - ORK A (101)

This first finished one is kind of cartoony, but I think he looks pretty good. However, it’s bugging me that I’ve seen a cartoon or a video game with a monster just like this one. I thought it looked like the artwork to a moblin from The Legend of Zelda, or an ork from one of the cartoon Lord of the Rings movies (LotR, RotK), but neither of these are the cartoon I remember.

WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (107)

The second one I came up with I’m calling a Devil Ork. This is because he looks a bit like Jun Maekawa’s Devil (I folded the Devil again to check, and the only thing similar is the tail’s triangle). When I stood him up, the first finished one looked like he was posing like Hojyo Takashi’s Vajrapani (Growling Form?). While I’m sure it’s just in my head, it makes me really happy for some reason.

WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (103) WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (101) WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (102) WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (109)

I didn’t want to forget how to make this one (a few parts were a bit tricky), so I went a bit nuts making extras in a lighter red, yellow, green, and blue.

WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (116) WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (114) WKO_017 - DEVIL ORK (113)

I also came up with a balrog, but I’ll save that for later.

Puchi Mage

Origami, Original Designs

This is the fourth and last of the Dragon Quest leaf bros. He’s the mage/black magician.

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(101) WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(103)

His yellow versions are プチマージ (Puchi Mage), FooMage, and Conkjurer, while his blue variations are コロマージ (Koro Mage), PodMage, and Wiz Pip.

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(104) WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(106)

I think this one came out the best of the designs. He has colour change on his hat, cape, and wand, has a leaf collar, and has fingers and a wand. The collar and cape should be the same colour (they are probably the same leaf in the original concept), but I couldn’t figure out how to do that. I’m really proud of the wand with the little star.

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(105) WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(107)

WKO_005 - PUCHI MAGE(109)


Origami, Original Designs

I wanted to do the next Crease Pattern Challenge next, but, after I finished it awhile ago, I only took a couple of pictures that are a bit blurry. Sometime between then and now, I lost the model. So I’ll have to whip it up again. Instead, I’ve got something I came up with.

WKO_015 - SCORPION (101) WKO_015 - SCORPION (104) WKO_015 - SCORPION (103)

WKO_015 - SCORPION (105) WKO_015 - SCORPION (106)

This Scorpion is another one of those models that just kind of clicked. I had been working with this base pattern a lot, and I just thought, “Hey, scorpion”. It is an extremely simple model but still looks really good (I think). Again, I figure others have come up with a similar scorpion due to its simplicity. Hopefully, this does not lead to some kind of vendetta, like in Kill Bill, Titus Andronicus, or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

WKO_015 - SCORPION (110) WKO_015 - SCORPION (109)

WKO_015 - SCORPION (107) WKO_015 - SCORPION (108)

I was also going to use this scorpion for the logo. I have it in a wooden cage in the picture below and changed it to grainy black and white (shown below). I liked it because it wasn’t immediately clear what it was, but I ended up going with the exact opposite in a stark cartoon scorpion outline thing.




When I first made this scorpion, I thought it looked a bit similar to a scorpion I’d seen before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was organizing stuff and noticed a previous post here with random models.  It was this scorpion by Robert Lang from The Complete Book of Origami. Yes, I had folded and put it in a previous entry and still couldn’t find it. I actually searched for “Robert Lang origami scorpion”, but he has gone on to bigger and better scorpions.

So, I folded them both at the same scale to compare. I don’t think they’re too similar. The similar feature is the tail, which radiates out from the dead center of the square in both models for length. The arms, legs, and head are completely different. However, the tail is such a prominent feature they do look similar.

WKO_015 - SCORPION (201)

The biggest difference between them is that I didn’t realize there is a difference between legs and arms in arachnids. Specifically, it’s not “eight limbs”, so a scorpion has both eight legs and two arms. You’ll notice, Lang’s scorpion is a scorpion, in that it has eight legs and two arms with pinchers. Not only does mine have only six legs, the arms don’t have pinchers. I know I google imaged “scorpion” while making this, so I’m really not sure what happened. Since the arms were a little long, I decided to pull some legs out of them.

WKO_015 - SCORPION (203)

I have the initial attempt above on the right, lined up with my original on left and Lang’s in the middle. Below is the updated scorpion.

WKO_015 - SCORPION (206) WKO_015 - SCORPION (207) WKO_015 - SCORPION (208) WKO_015 - SCORPION (209)

Puchi Fighter

Origami, Original Designs

Another Puchi Dragon Quest monster is the Puchi Fighter. He is the warrior class leaf dude.


His yellow versions are the プチファイター (Puchi Fighter), FoFightr, and Conkerer in the DS version of Dragon Quest V. The blue/grey ones are コロファイター (Koro Fighter), PodFightr, and Battle Pip. I really don’t get why they decided to rename the Koro Hero to Pip Fighter and the Koro Fighter to Battle Pip. I guess it doesn’t make much difference when the yellow/green ones are all Conk-puns, but I still don’t get the name shell game. Is “Battle Pip” a thing? Like an expression or brand of cola?


I actually made this one last (after the Puchi Mage). I couldn’t get the hat colour changed, but I’d really need 3 colours to do it justice anyway. I do like how the hat and colour change turned out. Also, an axe is extremely hard to make out of paper.




Origami, Original Designs

It’s a mouthful, huh? A rhamphorhynchus is a type of pterosaur, like a pteranodon, with a long tail and fairly long neck. If you think of a typical flying dinosaur, the rhamphorhynchus’s neck is about twice or three times as long as that one’s. So, it’s not like a flying giraffe, flailing through the air.

Calling it a dinosaur is incorrect (as is the term “flying dinosaur” above), but a lot of people group pterosaurs in a general, non-sciency term of dinosaurs. Hopefully, I’m not getting on anyone’s nerves when I do that. On the other hand, who puts that many silent h’s in a word?



I’m not the most consistent person (just look at my posts’ dates). Whenever I fold this, I tend to do something a bit different. The two above are earlier versions, and the green and black ones each have very different heads. I also thought the neck was a bit long and the body was small and/or undefined.





These three are more recent. Instead of making them uniform, I played up the individuality in the heads and made the wings unique also. It’s hard to see, but the new black model has swirl eyes similar to the previous black one. The lines in his wings also kind of cascade. The yellow one has eyes like the green one but a head like the black one. It also has more well-defined wings. The red one has peacockish wings and what turned out to be a muppet-like face. They all have shorter necks, which I used to define the separation between neck and body.

Puchi Priest

Origami, Original Designs

The second Puchi leaf dude I made was the Puchi Priest. The priest is the cleric/healer of the group (both with this monster and with character classes in Dragon Quest games). This is why he has a cross (and possibly a pope-ish hat).


The green variations are プチプリースト(Puchi Priest), FooPriest, or Conkuisitor, while the blue editions are コロプリースト(Koro Priest), PodPriest, or Epipany (names from the Japanese, English SNES, and English DS editions of the games).


I mentioned I was going to go over the names a bit, but I’m actually not so sure about the English names. I have no idea about Foo, Conk, or Pip, which recur in the English names. I think Pod refers to “pod people”, which are plants that replace humans in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Not sure tho.

Anyway, the Japanese names are プチ (Puchi) and コロ (Koro). Puchi is just a word for small/petit. Koro is more interesting; it’s from コロポックル (koropokkuru), which are little spirit people who live under plants in Ainu legend. I like little spirit people over alien abductors by far.



Martian Manhunter

Origami, Original Designs

Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz) is a DC comics superhero who’s the last green martian. He has a lot of superpowers, such as super strength, flight, and shapeshifting (here’s the wiki for more info and powers). He wasn’t often in anything except comics until the early 2000’s Justice League cartoon series. In the recent Supergirl TV series, audiences found out he would be a major character in the series this December.

The show made me think of the character’s design, and, for some reason, how I could do it in origami. Specifically, he has these red suspenders/bandoliers/somethings that cross as a red X across his torso. I figured I could do something like this with paper green on one side and red on the other.



I think I like my design, although it’s a little basic. I usually don’t like features on a humanoid face for some reason, so I avoided that. I was thinking of adding fingers, but I’m still deciding how much I like it and if I should keep it simple on this one. His blue undies and cape can also be included by painting a diagonal center blue on the red side before folding.



P.S. I’d also like to say that I like the show (Supergirl), their version of Martian Manhunter, and how they introduced him, but I was trying to stay on topic and not go off the rails with the all the DC and Marvel films and TV shows.

Puchi Hero

Origami, Original Designs

As I said, I like Dragon Quest monsters and sometimes try to make them in origami. Some of my favourite monsters are a set of leaf people introduced in Dragon Quest 7. When they remade Dragon Quest 4, 5, and 6, I got a nice surprise, as they were added to DQ5 and its monster recruitment mechanic. You could have an entire team of just leaf people!

There are 4 different monsters, with far too many names. This is because of two reasons. First, there are two pallet swaps: puchi are green and yellow and koro are blue and grey/blue. That makes 8. Since their names were puns, the names were changed when translated to English (16). Then the names were re-translated for the DQ5 remake (24). Additionally, the Puchi Hero was used for a boss (no pallet swap, but different name) in DQ7, for another 2 names. They’re also bringing DQ7’s and DQ8’s 3DS remakes to English, and, if the boss’s name is re-translated, that will probably cause it to end up having 27 total names for 8 different monsters.

The first leaf dude I made was the プチヒーロー(Puchi Hero)/FooHero/Conkuistador. The DQ7 boss was さんぞくのカシラ (Sanzoku no Kashira: Bandit’s Leader)/BanditWig. Here he is.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (101) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (102) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (105)

I tried to include as many prominent features as possible. He even has tiny fingers holding the sword and shield.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (109) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (110) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (111)

The blue pallet swap is the コロヒーロー(Koro Hero)/PodHero/Pip Fighter. I don’t know what they were thinking in the DQ5 translation here, because one of the other ones is “Fighter” in Japanese (and not as a Japanese word: phonetic English ファイター Fa-i-ta-a).

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (113) WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (115)

Naturally, this one reminds me of the Journey song of the same name, “Puchi Hero”. I was going to talk more about the names, but this is long enough. So maybe next Puchi.

WKO_003 - PUCHI HERO (114)


Lamia and Owl

Origami, Original Designs

Here are a pair of models I devised (I’m quickly running out of synonyms). The first I planned out and re-fashioned by trial and error, and the second I thought of near the end of playing around with extra paper.

WKO_012 - DEIS (1)WKO_012 - DEIS (5)

I came up with this Lamia trying to make Deis from the Breath of Fire video game series. (By “Lamia”, I just mean generic snake woman, as it’s sort of come to mean in pop culture, not the original mythological character.) If you played a Breath of Fire and are going, “Who?”, she was re-named Bleu in the English versions of the first two games. The series has great characters and character design. Deis is one of my favourite characters, which is lucky, since she’s in so many games.

WKO_012 - DEIS (4)WKO_012 - DEIS (2)WKO_012 - DEIS (6)

This is actually my second design for the character. The first had scales on the lower body, but adding scales causes the model to become shorter (head to tail). That model would actually make a good mermaid. I might post it if I ever go back and fix up the end of the tail. For this version, I was trying for something else (I forget what) when I found a base with the right length and started there.

WKO_013 - OWL (2)WKO_013 - OWL (3)

This Owl started as nothing in particular, became a suspension bridge, and finally became an owl when I backed up and looked at it. It’s kind of short but has lots of room for adjustment on the wings. To me, the Suspension Owl looks like something from a video game, so I like that.

WKO_013 - OWL (5)WKO_013 - OWL (8)

Phoenix and Something

Origami, Original Designs

My last entry this week is a couple of things I came up with. The first is a Phoenix… sort of. I once made it a long time ago with fancy printed paper and it looked really proud and phoenix-like. It’s more like a crane though. Which makes sense, as it was based on the classic crane origami model.

WKO_000 - PHOENIX (1) WKO_000 - PHOENIX (3) WKO_000 - PHOENIX (2)

Related to that, I designed this model, but it’s based off of the traditional crane model and really pretty simple. So, there’s a good chance that someone else has designed a model that’s exactly the same by coincidence. It’s not like it’s an extremely complex model that I simplified slightly and claimed I did it, like if I stole Satoshi Kamiya’s Ancient Dragon. That would be obvious.


The last one I did is a Something. I don’t know what it is. I was trying to figure out back ridge scale things but couldn’t get it without a lot of lines on the rest of the model. So I used a pattern like the one on the skin of the Ryuzin to just make a texture out of it. This was just a test model (it would need much finer scales and bigger paper for what I had in mind), but I kind of liked it so I thought I’d put it up here.


I like how the weird head turned out, and am wondering if those flaps should be ears or ram-like horns. I probably won’t make it again though, as he’s just something I was playing around with. Still, I think he’s endearing.